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Review of Southern California Half Marathon & 5K by gavini

Posted by: on February, 29 2012

i have done this race 3 or 4 times. course is a lot of out and backs so you constantly are seeing the other runners on the course. also a lot of sharp turns which slows you down a bit.

support on the course is great from the volunteers and they had one or two bands along the way which you pass a dozen times since you keep coming back through the same area’s from a different direction.

finish line food is one of the best around, a lot of cookies and snacks and drinks.

kids run is great too, a 1 miler around a lake and they actually give the kids an official time which is really unusual but appreciated by my kids at least.

it is a kids run LA event so you have a lot of high schoolers running which can be a hassle since they will run erratically or stop suddenly but the street it starts on is wide so that clears up quickly.

parking is surprisingly easy and close for an event this size