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Review of SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon by

Posted by: on June, 17 2013

This was my first year doing this race and even though it had some hiccups, I enjoyed it.
Lots of options for packet pickup
Great parking and very little traffic
Beautiful course that had just enough challenge for a trail race
Really awesome high quality medal, very nice tech shirts and bags
Sweet wine glass with a complimentary pour of Callaway wine at the end of the race
A lot of really nice sincere people running the event
Great after party and lots of table and chair seating
Trail was marked extremely well during the race but epic fail at one of the beginning forks that caused us to run on the wrong trail. I doubt this will happen in future races as the RD felt extremely bad and was very apologetic.
Pre-paid after party food was not the menu selection promised. The food was still pretty good but not the vegetarian selection that I thought I would be getting.
Even with the couple glitches, I still give this race an “A” overall. There were enough positives to make up for the errors.