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Review of Shoreline Half Marathon, 5K, 10K by

Posted by: on July, 14 2013

This is a race that will not be repeated by me. But first, let me point out the positives:

Decent course along the waterfront for most of the half marathon. A few hills that added interest. GREAT volunteers along the course! Plenty of water and people directing runners. The race shirt is a tech shirt, which is nice for a small race. And the weather cooperated, which is out of anyone’s control, but always a plus!

Here’s why I will never do this race again. Even if it was free (ok, well, maybe if it’s free!!):

Packet pickup was literally just that. A table inside the local Sports Authority. No expo. Minimal swag. And the folks there seemed quite overwhelmed with the process. The race map provided was worthless! Few streets were marked with their name, no obvious start/finish line and confusing directions unless you are a local, which I am not. The race started at a different park than was noted on the map, but we saw a lot of runners so we found it with no problem.

I finished the half marathon at 2:30. I had to ask one of the gals with the medals if I could please have one. They weren’t really interested in handing them out. I found some food that was past the massage tables, but by then, the only food that was left was a few orange slices and a few cups of water. I could see there was chocolate milk and FRS at some point. Bananas too. But not for runners that took 2:30 to run a course that was open for 4 hours. My friend finished at 2:55 and got zilch! No water, no oranges, no nothing!!

By 3 hours, they were taking down the signs, FRS was packed up, the party was over. Again, the course was open for 4 hours, so this seems rather disrespectful to folks that paid their entry and just take longer to run 13.1 miles.

I am now home and looking for my results. No link, no info, no results. I guess I’ll just go by my Garmin time since that’s all I have.

The RD needs to step it up if this race is going to survive!!