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Review of Seal Beach 5/10K by nikkib

Posted by: on April, 28 2012

I got my packet the day before, and the parking was crazy then because they already had some of the no parking signs for the next day. There was no “expo”, just pick up your shirts and go.

On Saturday, I got there really early because I know how Seal Beach parking can be and I parked next to the fire station. I was unsure if this was ok because the only signs were saying no parking without permit. If there were parking signs for the race it would be better. It ended up ok.

The race waves were interesting – under 8, 8-9 and over 9. I was in the front of the over 9, and was still trying to get around walkers, even though the walkers were supposed to start on the other side of the street after the run. THere were lots of people, so the first quarter mile took me about 3 minutes! After the beginning, there were still a lot of people, but I was able to find a space and get up to pace. The route wasn’t the most interesting, but it was pretty fast.

After the race, the food and water were on the pier, and there were too many people for the little space. It took a long time to get my water, then you had to cross the pier to get the other stuff. The expo had some interesting and fun booths.

Leaving from the parking lot was easy and took no time. Walking there from the pier was short, too. Overall, I liked it.