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Review of Say No To Drugs Race Holiday Classic by

Posted by: on December, 11 2013

Planned my day around race packet/bag pickup:
location too small for pre race check in
no parking
outside in the rain – no tents or other shelter
no ID checked against bib number for pick up – bib numbers were on display at check in facility – anyone could have given them a bib number and checked in. no waivers?
bags were not available – was told to come back later or get it the next day (bag check would be available) – can’t handle pre-race check in why would i leave anything with you on race day?
notice on table that bags and medals were on a first come first serve basis (see above re bag availabilty at pre race pick up) – but they were still attempting (see below) to take race registrations. pre-registrations should have priority on race “swag”; but there was no attempt made to make sure of this. No it’s not all about the swag but when it is part of your registration fee it should be received. possibly a cut off date for full race benefits would be helpful, or only the first ____ registrations will receive a bag, and a reduced fee after that number has been reached?
Attempting to take new registrations but their internet connection was down – these people were turned away.
All in all not a good pre-race day check in. Very disorganized. With the weather and the perceived promise of more disorganization at the race I chose not to make the hour drive from my home on race morning. I wrote the race fee off as a donation to the say no to drugs movement. my course ratings are obviously not accurate, but i’ll give the course the benefit of doubt. Over all, from my experience at check in, the race should only should be given a D, but since I did not attend the race, a “C” (average) will suffice.