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Review of Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run/Walk by

Posted by: on April, 6 2013

This is an awesome race! It is very well organized and has the best tech shirt I have ever seen. The crowd is full of energy and the course is flat and fast. Maybe they should have had a water station a little earlier in the course but who has time to stop anyways. It was refreshing to hear that strollers needed to go to the back. No one listened but it was still nice to hear. I suggest standing as close to the front of the wave as possible if you are trying to PR. The first 1/4 mile of the race bottle necks a little on a turn and running around people who stop abruptly in the middle will cost you a few seconds.
I loved the post party and times were posted so quickly. I also enjoyed that many different people were pictured in race pics rather than seeing the same people over and over as usual.