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Review of Santa Clarita Marathon by eddied26.2

Posted by: on April, 3 2012

I last ran the Santa Clarita Marathon in 2009. This was a good smaller race in the LA Area with a reasonable price tag!

The Start of the race was pretty straight forward, very easy to find which is all I ask for. The Expo was decent for a small race as well.

The course was not too bad but not scenic like some of the major races or races by the coast etc. If I could describe this race, I would say it was like a very relaxing, serene long run, except it was a Marathon Race! If I lived in Santa Clarita I would likely run those same paths so I don’t have any complaints there. That there was not much in terms of crowd support actually added to the feel of this race, although there were some points where I kinda wished there was someone to say “You can do it” it wasn’t such a big deal on this course. There were hills but mostly rolling hills and nothing major to worry about.

The finish area was cool but the real benefit was being right at the Valencia Town Center. There were lots of restaurants short walking distance to make up for the limited refreshments.

Overall I’d say this race is good for what it is. Its a very affordable smaller race that has a loyal base from the locals and many runners who run this race every year. Its a race where you can possibly win your Age group if you are fast, without having to be an elite, which I think I’d definitely try for once I get “up to speed”!