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Review of Santa Clarita Marathon by adriana48

Posted by: on February, 19 2012

The last time I run the full was in 2010. Parking was no problem. Plenty of water stations and electrolytes, maybe even too much for the amount of marathoners (only about 300). My only criticism is the course: very repetitive, boring and some what confussing in the last 6 miles. Runners keep on coming back around and around, and you don’t know if you are going the right way because you start seing the same runners you passed earlier coming toward you. Mile signs are sometimes missleading; between miles 16 and 19 you find yourself running alone around a little park, and there are no people or arrows to guide you where to go. It’s very easy to get lost. Post race was mediocre, no live music, still some food left, and it’s easy to meet your friends or family. I think the half marathon is better.