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Review of Santa Barbara Triathlon by The Bear

Posted by: on August, 27 2012

This race goes over two days. With both Long distance and sprint course and relays. Picked up my bib the day of the race easily. The organization seemed pretty good. Not really that many vendors. The swim was in a calm area with no waves and right off the shore. Really nice. The bike was on some pretty bumpy, slippy roads (it was misty), but the scenery was way cool. I really enjoyed the bike. There was one climb that was so tough right at the end, but I like a challenge. The run was not flat, but it was just a gentle climb up a hill (then down on the way back.) Overall I really, really like this course. The only thing I did not like about it was that the distance was weird 1.0 mile swim, 34 mile bike, and 10 mile run. What is that an large Olympic or Small HIM? Either way, I will be back for this one many years to come. Very fun race. One big warning: Get there early to park. The SB police wrote a ton of tickets that day.