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Review of San Diego Triathlon Classic by JerryS

Posted by: on May, 24 2012

This race is really well managed. Moment Cycle Sport has done a good job. The bike course has a couple good hills in it, and overlooks the pacific for about half the course. the run is along a cove in S.D Bay, a couple of laps for the Olympic distance. Well laid out. I’ve done it 3 years in a row and it has changed and improved each year. The transition area is the best I’ve ever seen. no matter where you rack, you have the same advantage as anyone else. No need to cherry pick your spot. Plenty of great parking close to the race, very unlike most others. All amenities are welll planned, and last year beer and wine served, a very nice treat. 2 T shirts last year, one was a hi quality tech tee, Medals were quite decent. I’ve got no complaints. Already registered for this year