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Review of San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon by The Bear

Posted by: on June, 4 2012

It was my first and last rock & roll. I do a lot of marathons. I did not like the price. The expo took for ever to get to. There were a lot of vendors ast the expo. The course was so, so boring. Portions of it were actually on the freeway. I was not impressed at all. I can not say I like any part of the race. I love to run too. I can’t believe we did not run near the water. We were in San Diego! Wait, there was one part that was around a boring lagoon at the end. The only good part was Seaworld afterward, and I was only off my PR time by 1 minute. Maybe if the course was not so boring I would have run faster. I almost fell a sleep (it was that boring.) I will not do this one again.