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Review of San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon by tennishog

Posted by: on December, 2 2012

I agree with Jim. Finishing aboard MCRD was the way to end the race. The price seems to be fairly unreasonable though the pre-race accommodations were pretty good and the post-race was average. The start was fairly easy although the corrals helped. Plenty of water/aid stations along the way as well as bands. I have to say the last 4-5 miles of the race were boring and that is really the point in a marathon where you need something to take your mind off what you’re feeling (usually that you are hurting and wondering why in the world you even entered a marathon!). Certainly, there can be something done about that especially as those are the hardest miles to run and the temperature and sun are taking their toll. Finally, the initial response at the finish line was great, but then, after resting and relaxing, the worst and agonizing part of the race began…getting in line and waiting for a shuttle bus to take you to your car. You are already stiff as a board and having to wait an hour plus for the shuttle was cruel and unusual. I figure if you paid that much money for the race the least they could do is provide better shuttles. Getting your own race gear in your pre-sealed bag was a plus and a nice touch…that was one of the easiest parts of the race. Overall, I would do this race again particularly since I live in San Diego, but if I was traveling from out-of-town, I don’t think the race would attract me back.