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Review of San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon by Jim Wenzell

Posted by: on February, 8 2012

I ran the marathon in 2010. The price then was reasonable ($95) but went up to something like $160 the next year. The old course that ended at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot was much better. The course in 2010 was terrible. The last 4 miles were around Fiesta Island, a barren island with hardly any people and no bands. It didn’t help that I bonked at mile 21! The finish was at the parking lot at Sea World. It was hot and we were left to “recover” on a sweltering asphalt parking lot. I was 47 years old and could not get in the beer tent without my ID. The lines to get on the shuttles were over an hour long. I will never run it again. Get to the start very early. We left P.B. more than 90 minutes before the start and ended up having to run up the long hill to get to the start and still missed our wave. Just an overall bad experience.