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Review of San Diego Mud Run by michie

Posted by: on April, 2 2012

I was disappointed all around! Too many people and not enough facilities. The whole event was just one line after the next. I was very disappointed in the “inspirational speech” given by the representative of the facility that was used for the event. I had no idea that I would be subjected to a sermon before the race. I would not have chosen to support the event if I knew that I had to listen to one man’s views and opinions about gay rights, marriage and social stratospheres of today’s society. In America, we have certain freedoms! and excuse the pun..but Thank God! I was forced into listening to his rantings. He had a captive audience, literally, and took advantage of the situation and of my time. I am very disappointed and disgusted that the san diego mud run did not represent themselves as a christian based organization supporting conservative christain beliefs. If San Diego Mud Run would have advertised this position from the beginning and allowed me the free will to choose to attend, then great! Own Up to it! Yet San Diego Mud Run as an organization did no such thing. I have told everyone I know about my awful experience. Aside from that, I also thought it was poorly executed. SD Mud Run needs to design the course with more running in the beginning to spread out the herd or have people go in heats/waves. I did not break a sweat. I had to wait at every obstacle because they were all bottlenecks. At some points, I feared for my safety because there were too many people sliding down hills uncontrollably landing and running into poeple at the bottom..that’s a great way to break an ankle! For San Diego Mud Run’s sake, I hope they loose the preacher OR own up to their religious stance AND figure out a way to make it safer…