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Review of San Diego Half Marathon by nelsonsaldua

Posted by: on March, 11 2012

This is only my 2nd half so I only have the Carlsbad 1/2 to compare to. At any rate I cannot say enough about this event. Very fun and incredibly well-organized. Here’s my chronologic take on it:

1. Pre-race: website was very informative. I love how you could click on each mile marker to see a street-view screen shot of the course at that time. It also had elevation change data. The website gave you an option to plug in your minute/mile pace and it would tell you a time estimate that you would be at each mile marker.

2. Bib pickup: Very well organized. Only minor complaint is paying $10 for parking. At least there is a lot of convenient parking. Nice expo. Having it at Petco park is so much better than putting up a tent in some random parking lot. Nice shirt that I’ll actually wear. In the bag was a small plastic bag with 4 safety pins for the bib as well as a zip tie and tag if you wanted to use gear check.

3. Race day: Got a text message from the SDHM people to remember to set the clocks forward for daylight savings time. So nice. Got there early enough that I found street parking. Free on Sundays. Win. Having the race downtown means never having to wait for a porta-potty. Just walk into any of the surrounding hotel lobbies and use theirs. I think there were about 10 waves for the start so not very crowded at the beginning. Overall beautiful course with several enthusiastic volunteers. It got a little sketch for about a mile after MCRD and before the Washington hill, but a lot of the course is along San Diego Harbor. Last 3 miles after Washington hill was downhill which ended along the left field line in Petco park. Gave the San Diego Padres’ Friar a fist bump on my in. Post race was nice because there were nice photo opps including one where you could take a picture in front of a picture of the stadium and your name and run time was displayed too.

Overall this is a fantastic event. A little expensive but worth every penny. I plan on doing this every year. The event organizers certainly set the bar high for the 1st SDHM.