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Review of San Diego Half Marathon by Danielle Werner

Posted by: on March, 24 2012

This was my 8th half marathon, and my first in over two years due to a series of injuries. The experience could not have been better. The race was well organized, the wave start flowed perfectly, the course was well marked, and the weather was perfect!

The hill on Washington kicked my butt, but the rest of the race downhill all the way to Petco Park more than made up for it. The crowd support was light, but I believe that was because this is a new race. Again, the finish more than made up for it, as we ran into Petco with friends and family cheering from the seats. Getting my medal from a Marine was certainly moving.

My only disappointment was that it wasn’t readily obvious where to buy food and I needed protein badly, so we left the park in search of a burger and missed out on the events (not to mention a beer, which is always a highlight of the post-race for me). I definitely recommend this race — particularly for first-time half marathoners. It was terrific!