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Review of San Diego Half Marathon by

Posted by: on March, 11 2013

Can you be so distracted by having fun during a race that your forget to PR? Well, it happened to me. I ran the SD Half last year (2012) and before I even crossed the finish line I knew I’d run it this year (2013). I love San Diego and I love how this race showcases the city. The course is mostly flat (small rolling hills throughout until you get to the dreaded Washington Street Hill) and beautiful. The course points you in the direction of some of the most beautiful sights in San Diego. The course aid is amazing. I love that the aid station signs tell you what distance you’re at and how much farther to the next aid station. It helps to know that if I choose NOT to stop for a port-a-potty NOW, that I only have 3.2 miles to the next one. There were pace groups, water and electrolyte stations, first aid stations with vaseline and salt and cool towels, and there were bands. The Finish line was amazing, with a HUGE TV showing the finishers cross the finish line, and for the FIRST TIME EVER my name was announced as I crossed. Nine half marathons and I finally hear my name in triumph. There were Servicemen in uniform handing out the medals, which is such a nice way of showcasing how important the military is to this area. There was pleanty of water and coconut water (my favorite) at the finish Line. The post-race refreshments were great (bagels, cream cheese, fruit cups, bananas, CHUAO CHOCOLATE). There was a massage station and the official results were posting as we finished. We did have to climb up and down stairs to get to the refreshments and post-race which was defeating. I just ran 13.1 miles and you want me to go up a flight of stairs??

The only thing I wish there were more of are spectators. I’ve run pleanty of halfs now and funny spectator signs are something I really love.

The Pre-race expo was great. It was in a beautiful building, which made for some fun pictures. And the bib pickup was smooth. I was over the top excited to get my LEGACY bib and shirt. The expo itself had everything you’d want at a race expo. Fuel samples, Physical Therapists, Running coaches signing books, vendors selling last minute wares, and other races promoting their upcoming events. I personally picked up some new snuggbuds earbuds and I LOVE them. AND I MET JEFF GALLOWAY! His running technique of run/walk/run was what convinced me I could do my very first half marathon.

I love the SD Half. It’s so very organized and so obviously created by someone who loves running races. It’s everything I would do to organize a race. Can’t wait for my third star next year!!!