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Review of Safari Park Half Marathon by Cyndi Williams Hitsman

Posted by: on May, 9 2012

This was my 11th Half and it was tied for first in my book. The pre-race was excellent – so many of the large theme park races give no discount to attend the park. Not only did my whole family and I get admission to the park the day before for half price, the day of the race my admission was free and theirs was again half price. The information provided was terrific – clear maps with parking info, fees, race course, water, bathroom and nutrition stops. The technical shirt was nice – well made and it was great not to get just a cotton shirt. The race itself was RIGHT ON TIME (believe it or not?), an easy, no drama start. The course was full of funny signs, animals (with their handlers) waiving and inspiring us. My only complaint were the two large hills, but some people enjoy those. There were plenty of water stops, restrooms and nutrition stops. Lastly, the finish was fun and well organized. Shuttles were aplenty and quick. The medal was above and beyond! They also were kind enough to send an official certificate email with my time, my splits, etc. The race made for a memorable weekend for my whole family. Would have been my best ever if I hadn’t missed my PR by one minute! ONE MINUTE! Only runners get that! 🙂 As an aside, when I returned to the parking area 5 hours after the start, the entire area was cleaned up and there was no sign we had even been there…. Nice job, Safari!