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Review of Run or Dye – San Diego by

Posted by: on April, 22 2013

Packet pickup was a bit unorganized. It was great they allowed someone to pick up registrations for friends/family, but they didn’t have any information there other than your name. The person picking up our packets had to call everyone to find out shirt sizes. They also didn’t have the information showing if you had ordered extra color packets. Shame on us for not giving our friend a copy of our actual registration confirmation so she could verify she was getting everyone’s stuff.
Course was fine. It was in the Qualcomm stadium parking lot. Nothing drastic, nothing exciting. A bit hard at times to breathe with so much powder in the air and on your face in the heat, but to be expected. There were no water stations, so if you need water on your run, take it with you. they supplied bottled water at the end.
Post race was okay. Loud music, and people having fun.
A nice offer from the photographer allowed you to pay $25 online before the race, that would allow you to be able to download and print/post/email any and all photos you are in from the event. There were many photographers throughout, so it was easy for us to pose for pictures many times. Great offer if the photographer would actually give you the photos in a reasonable time frame. Going on 2 1/2 weeks and still waiting.
Most color came off right away, but for some it took about a week for all the color to wash off skin.