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Review of Run or Dye – Orange County by

Posted by: on March, 18 2014

I believe the entire thing can be summed up by something I heard someone say as we ran by (completely safely passing I might add).. “Obviously this isn’t the place to run.” While there is plenty of space to safely pass people, this is not an event for runners. Even run walkers… It’s a lot of families and groups of women slowly walking 5 or 6 deep.

There was no pre-race that I saw.. it was waiting for over an hour to be sent out with 2 insanely annoying egotistical men trying to get everyone pumped up  I get it.. they’re just trying to do their jobs.. but they were terrible. The last wave said it was to go out by 10:10 at the latest. I believe we went out a little after 11, and there was still TONS of people behind us. Which is fine, I imagine it would have clogged up the course but don’t advertise it as 10..

The theme was also confusing. It was “Christmas” themed, but took place before Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t have signed up had I known it was Christmas themed. I believe there was a little pink or yellow on the course though.

The course was the great park… so you know.. it’s the great park… it was in the parking lot and roads to the old hangers pretty much the entire time, but you get some nice views of the mountains. Lots of pot holes and bad ground to be running on at times. The course is wide so you can easily pass but it’s nothing but weaving and getting blocked up.

Overall, I’m sure it’s a fun event for a family or group of friends.. just not for me. While I commend there run or dye and color runs for what they are doing, getting a lot of people out there doing events that wouldn’t normally excise, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone remotely serious about running, unless you’re in it just for a fun walk.