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Review of Run or Dye – Los Angeles by

Posted by: on March, 12 2013

I just want to applaud the Executive Producer of Run or Dye for this prompt response to the feedback they got re: packet pickup and late start etc. for the race. This came Monday (2 days post race) with a generous discount for future races

Hi Stacey,
I’m so grateful that you came out to Run or Dye with us on Saturday. We had a massive turn-out — larger than we expected.
It was amazing to see so many people in the Los Angeles area who are dedicated to living life in full color. We’re stoked that you brought your loved ones in a celebration of life, friendship, fitness, and fun.
Of course, we understand that there were problems as well. Many of you reached out after the event to share your concerns. Overwhelmingly, the feedback we received was that the check-in line was out of control and that the late start to the race was unacceptable.

We’ve heard you.

One of our core values at Run or Dye is constant improvement: we believe that embracing a life of full color means being willing to grow and learn, and we are committed to always learning from our successes AND our mistakes to make the next event better than the one before.
To that end, I wanted to let you know about some of the improvements we’ll be implementing next time around, including…

1. Better line management. We’re committed to making the line move faster and more productively, including roping it off, having more check-in staff as necessary, and ensuring that people don’t cut in line.
2. Getting started on time. The fact is, the line was so long that it stretched into the course — which is why we started late. If we would have simply set up the line away from the Dye Zone, we would not have gotten a late start.

There are also a few other smaller tweaks we’ll be making to improve runners’ overall experience. While this will allow our future events to get even better, we know that YOU deserve more. We hope you’ll give us another shot. To that end, we’d like to provide you a coupon code, redeemable at any of our upcoming events, anywhere in the country, for 50% off. You’re welcome to use it up to two times (either for yourself or to share with a friend).

Although there were some hiccups in the execution on Saturday, we love that you came and had a great time with us. We’re especially thrilled that we were able to raise substantial donations for our charity partners, Neighborhood Hearts and Awaken the Greatness. We continue to be committed to working with worthy non-profits across the country and especially in the LA area.

Again, thanks so much for being a member of Dye Nation — we’re honored to be around so many people in love with life!

For a more colorful world,

Jake Ackerman
Executive Producer
Run or Dye