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Review of Run Like It’s Recess 5K by fastrunner

Posted by: on February, 28 2012

I wanted to like this race a lot but there was one major issue. First off the race map that was posted onthe website was incorrect. Having never run there, I studied the map so I’d know where I was going. However, the race wasn’t even on the side of the park that was shown on the map, there were no course markers anywhere, no lead bike and only half of the turnoffs had a course worker telling you which way to go. Also, there were only a handful of serious runners so huge gaps developed and at times there was no one in sight in front of me so that I could follow and not get lost. The course ended up following the main loop on the road but on the map online it showed it going to the right side of the park but it actually wound left so I kept thinking at some point we would turn off to cross over. The course is the number one thing I look for in a race so that was really a negative. Everyone was friendly and registration was easy and VERY Cheap, which is a huge bonus. Also awards were nice. The restroom situation was pretty bad. There was just the standard park bathroom that only has two stalls, a few port-o-potties would have been much needed. Since we were at a park, it would have been nice to run on the grass and not just the main car road most of the time. I think this race has potential to be really good and it’s only like the third year so hopefully it will improve.