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Review of Rose Bowl Half Marathon by

Posted by: on April, 9 2014

1. Lots of water stops and even Cliff Shots
2. Tech shirt was nice
1. Very expensive. Even had a VIP option – for $50!
2. This is actually a rough trail run. I didn’t get that from the description on the website. Some of the trail is hard-packed gravel horse trails spent avoiding horse dung. Some is soft sand or loose gravel. And part is a very steep ROUGH uphill/downhill narrow large rock path. Quite dangerous. And did I say rough?
3. No bib pickup day-of-race (unless spending $50 for VIP). There were only 1,500 participants. Bib distribution could have been handled for those few runners before the race rather than making us drive up there twice.
4. Didn’t end in the Rose Bowl as advertised.

Doubt I’ll run this again.