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Review of Rockin The Desert Mud Run by ctljason

Posted by: on April, 23 2012

The Apple Valley Rock’n The Desert Mud Run is one of my favorite mud runs. The organizers have done a great job all the way around putting it on. It is at a great, open, easy to find location, parking is a breeze, and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. When I arrived parking was easy as they had plenty of volunteers directing traffic. Packet pick up was a very pleasant experience and people were very friendly. Venders already had their booths set up and were deploy.g food.and drink before the race which was great because my friends who come to cheer me on get cranky if they haven’t had their breakfast and can’t get any food. The race was running behind because there was only one entrance to the event and traffic was getting backed up, but it was ok because the organizers and announcer were very clear and kept giving updates on when we would start. The start of the race is the only spot I thought could have used some improvement. There was a mud pit at the very beginning, which I think is great, but there were so people that got there at the same time that people were falling all over each other. The first pit either needs to be further down the path or have smaller starting waves to avoid a jam. Since it is the high desert in August, it was great that there were water trucks at each mud pit continuously spraying water. The course is not the hardest I’ve done, but I love their use of the natural terrain. After the race there was a really fun atmosphere with the costume contest, awards ceremony and of course, the beer garden. What I enjoy so much more than when I run half marathons is the Mudder spirit. The people at mud runs seem to be so much friendlier and even if you show up by yourself, you’ll have some new friends by the end of the day. I definitely recommend the Rock’n the Desert Mud Run and can’t wait to do it again.