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Review of Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon by Phil McCracken

Posted by: on January, 9 2012

This was my 16th marathon. It was a disaster. Too many people. Not enough organization. A lot of money. Water tasted awful and mad my stomach hurt. I did the full marathon and with the poor design and execution by the money-first organizers my race was a waste. I couldn’t hold my pace while weaving around slow half marathoners and walkers that were in the very narrow marathon lane. The post race food was almost non-existent. The bananas, a staple for runners, were days away from being ripe enough to eat and digest. The crowding in Mandalay Bay afterwards was criminal and RnR so lucky that people didn’t get killed or seriously injured. I am so sad that they killed my race. I had done the LV marathon on 4 previous years but unless I get a refund and am satisfied there will be improvements, then no way I would do this one or recommend it to anyone.