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Review of Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon by laurpark

Posted by: on February, 8 2012

Ran the full in Dec 2012. The course was awful because of the full merging with the half. The streets were too narrow for the size of the crowd, on course signs were bad, and the strip it’s self is actually really uneven and difficult to run on. The race was at night (“Strip at Night”) and parts of the course were poorly lighted. Spectators (with drinks in hard) were walking across the street in front of runners.

The finish line was a distater… iwas a “battle ground” with people getting sick, crowd pushing, no water, and freezing cold. Transportation and food after the event was also a nightmare. BUT, kuddos to competitor who sent me a $50 rebate check on the AZ Rock N Roll.

Bottom line – unless they majorly change the layout avoid this race. Definitely would recommend staying at a hotel very close to the finish line. Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur all connect. Plan to bring some granola bars for quick food after the race because the waits at any restaurant will be loooooong.