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Review of Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon by Amanda Daley

Posted by: on February, 6 2012

Such a great idea with a pretty big FAIL. I loved running at night on the strip but the cap was WAY too large for the amount of space given. There was no way to look at the awesome scenery because you had to watch very carefully to the surroundings. The 3 miles I was going 30-40 seconds slower than I should have been for my target pace. There was just nowhere to go! People lied to get in the front corrals and I was passing walkers the first half mile! it was a complete cluster.
The expo was awful. Think about 60k people with the full and half combined plus their family and friends all in one location! I just wanted to get out of there asap. They ran out of shirts there were no souvenir items left to buy and if you did find anything the lines were at least an hour and a half long.
The finish line was atrocious. I don’t know who’s idea it was to set up a race photographer 100 yards from a finish line in such a large race but it caused major problems. I came to a complete halt two steps from the finish line! that is dangerous.
I honestly would love to run this race again but the cap needs to be lower and they have some issues to work out before I think about it again.