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Review of Rock N Roll Half Marathon by Cycle Pathic

Posted by: on February, 28 2012

This was my 2nd RnR event, I registered at the expo on Friday morning, volunteers were very easy to talk to & very informative. The expo was not as active as I’m assuming it was on Saturday but it was still nice to walk around & get into the running mind frame. A main reason for me choosing this event is because I know the RnR series runs are very entertaining and full of life, plus how could Pasadena host an event that I wasn’t going to be a part of. I really liked the tech tee this event offered because it had a logo of the famous Pasadena Bridge (“Suicide Bridge”). I have many memories in this location. Race day parking looked horrible, I was dropped off about half a mile from the start line so I was lucky to avoid all that. The course was suitable if you were a runner aiming to PR because the inclines (if any) were slight & great for picking up speed. I wasn’t exactly pleased with the finish line set up. I expected to hit the finish line & then a swarm of spectators at the end, but no. Instead the course finished we could grab our medals, refreshments & take our finisher’s photo then make our way towards the crowd. It was just somewhat confusing. These events, are must do’s because of the route & scenery choices. If you want to get to know a city RnR makes it possible to discover 13.1Miles of wherever it hosts an event.