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Review of Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge – Orange County by

Posted by: on July, 15 2013

This was one of the most fun 5k Events I’ve ever done! (I’ve done lots of mud runs and color runs and other stuff).
In the weeks leading up to the race, the ROC Race staff was informative and helpful regarding some team member transfers.
Parking was dramatically better than a similar event I did at the Great Park venue about a month prior.
The MC at the starting line was a ton of fun, and helped us pass the time quickly with a costume contest. People got really creative with their costumes.
Due to the nature of the obstacles, it’s really impossible to carry a water bottle on this course. There were a couple of (much-appreciated) water stations, but it wouldn’t hurt to add one or two more.
I never waited more than 2-3 minutes at an obstacle. They worked hard to keep the people moving.
I saw a lady injure her ankle on the Tire Mile, and I heard reports of other injuries there. That obstacle seems like an accident waiting to happen, so I encourage them to leave that one out next time. (There’s a reason the ambulance basically camped out next to Tire Mile)
On the tight rope traverse, I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach both ropes. I’m pretty short at 5’2″, but I’m sure I’m not the shortest one there, since the course is open to 13 year olds. It would be nice if they designated one rope for short people and had the ropes a little closer together.
The wrecking ball was a blast, and the finish line slide was so much fun!
I will definitely be back next year.