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Review of Revlon Run/Walk by eddied26.2

Posted by: on April, 4 2012

This “Race” was more of an experience for me than anything else! I “ran” this race in 2009 under special circumstances. Me and 2 other running friends were Security for Christina Applegate who was one of the hosts of the event! The Start of the race was very crowded. Many Celebrities came on stage to speak before the race for the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness. My aunt had to have her breasts removed because of Breast Cancer so this was a cause that hit home for me! For me, the course was a new experience as I hadn’t run much of LA Before.

The Race itself…. for those actually attempting to run a fast race, either pick another race or do all you can to get to the front of the pack! The walkers definitely ruled this event and on this day I was among them, although spending time with Christina Applegate more than made up for it! 😉 If you are taking this event for what it is, a fund raiser event for a good cause, then the experience will definitely move you! There were many personal signs that I came across that nearly brought tears to my eyes.

The Finish of this event was kind of a Mixed bag. In one place, it is very cool to run through the Corridor of the Los Angeles Memorial Colisseum. But then again the finish line was a huge cluster!! There were people literally stopped toward the finish, along the course, because they were waiting for family members! At the finish there was a lot of refreshments for the participants and everyone received a finishers medal.

I think a race along this course could have potential but this race is not for serious runners which is why I can only rate it a C, but that doesn’t take away from the great cause that this event supports!