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Review of Renegade Turkey Tri & Pumpkin Pie Kids Duathlon by

Posted by: on November, 25 2013

This was my second race at the San Dimas location. The Pre race was smooth and run well. The packet pick up was fast and easy. All the volunteers were ready before 6 am. You didn’t have to wait for them to arrive or to get organized. T1 was also very organized with lots of helpful volunteers. The volunteers through out the course were not only helpful, but were very uplifting, cheering non stop and very encouraging. They kept the energy up! The Swim was cold! I highly recommend doing a warm up in the water before the race just to get used to the chill of the water. I did not, a personal regret. The swim route was nice and easy to follow. At different race I did there the swim course was very confusing. At least the announcer was confusing everyone using both be on the right and be on the left of the buoys when talking about the course. The first few heats of that race people were going everywhere. Again, this race was not like that. This course was very clear and simple to follow. The buoys were always on your left the entire time. Lots of life guard support in the water. The transition from the water to T1 was rocky and uncomfortable. I would recommend a carpet path to the top. (The other race I did there had a narrow carpet that Iwas truly appreciated). T1 – the volunteers lovingly reminded me to put my helmet on as I was running through the transition area. I never forget it, but I did yesterday. The volunteers were great! The bike course was decent. Mostly flat with a couple of small hills and one nice downhill. You do two loops so you got familiar with the course. There is one patch of road that is very poor, with the cracks, bumps, and pot holes. For the most part, the main problem areas were well marked. The cyclists were taking up more of the road closer to the center line than the right shoulder, so some spots weren’t marked, but they were easy to avoid. Again, this was a small segment of the bike course. Overall I would give the bike course a A-. The run – the course was beautiful. A+! A few hills, a little challenging, but nothing too daunting. Just enough to give a good sense of accomplishment. The first hill you go over has a nice reward at the top. There is a beautiful view of the snow capped mountains. Refreshing and gorgeous! Then, on the way back you run right next to the lake with the ducks and geese talking to you as you go by. I enjoyed seeing the families fishing and kids throwing rocks into the water. I was pushing it faster on the way back so it was a nice distraction rather than simply thinking I just need to pass that person in front of me. The volunteers/cheerers on the run were the absolute best! The post race was OK. The pumpkin pie was awesome! The MC was great with lots of energy and a fun personality, but no mic. The awards were given out with out having the final information for the all top finishers. I placed 3rd in my AG, my first podium in a tri and didn’t get called to the podium. Personally, a little disappointing. All the results hadn’t been posted as the awards were given out, so I didn’t know I placed until I got home. The expo was good. The bulletin boards, where the finishing times were posted, were placed right by the MC tent like a wall and it kind of closed off a few of the venders. That’s a simple fix, just turn the boards sideways. Other than a few minor details, it was a great race. I would highly recommend this race! The organizers obviously thought out the race very well, excellent communication with the volunteers (Best volunteers of any race I have been to. Their cheers and hearts were genuine. Not like some races where there are words of encouragement, but they are just words). Looking forward to the race next year! This is my second Renegade Racing event. Both times – a job well done!