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Review of Renegade M3 (Magic Mountain Man) Triathlon by

Posted by: on August, 26 2013

I’d give it a B+ overall.

This was the toughest race in Southern California and would challenge for the toughest race in the US in my opinion.

I’m VERY VERY VERY sad to see it go (although from what I hear there is a slimmer of hope that it will remain as is). This race could fill a niche as an “Adventure Race” and would be a very good sell in that regard.

Post race was decent but nothing spectacular. Pre-race was nonexistant. The course is incredibly challenging. It starts with a lake swim that’s easy enough. The lake was pretty clear and a joy to swim in. The bike was absolutely brutal in a great way – tons of climbing. You’re either plodding up a hill or screaming down a hill. There really isn’t any inbetween. The run was great and well supported – but most people were absolutely miserable by that point because the bike ate up their legs.

It’s a good race – with a great course. I can really see this being a top tier destination race with the challenging bike course. I’d love to see them take the run up the hills as well to add to the brutality.

Again, very sad to see it go.