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Review of Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10K by gavini

Posted by: on February, 17 2012

great event. get there early since it is a big race so parking can be tough. there are some shopping plaza’s within a half mile ish of the start that dont seem to mind you parking there since you are going to be gone before 90% of their businesses even open for the day.

I have done the stroller race a couple times, so nice to have your own race when pushing the kids when normally i am weaving in and out of walkers etc. amazing that a few guys will go sub 40 while pushing kids in the stroller run 10k. course is pretty but has a really tough hill towards the end (especially tough when pushing a stroller) and really doesnt have much if any flat ground the whole course.
beer flows freely at the beer garden afterwards and while the post race area can get a little cramped, it works really well for a race this size.