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Review of Really Big FREE Marathon & Half by cherylames

Posted by: on January, 7 2013

This race series is put on by IO Events, also know as Live Well Events, a company who claims they are now broke. I registered for the SoCal event that was scheduled for Spring 2013. They held their Vegas event last November. The idea behind the free race was that you put down a $50 deposit and once you crossed the start mat you were eligible for a refund. They claimed refund checks would be mailed six weeks later. They claimed that the races were all paid for by advertisers. Well, it seems those who participated in the Vegas event did not get their refunds as of yet. And just last week the company announced that they were closing their doors. They said their credit cards were maxed out and they were broke. They made a brief mention about a timeline for refunds but the company doesn’t answer its phones and doesn’t respond to emails so we don’t really know anything. They canceled all the races they were organizing for 2013: The Really Big SoCal Race, the Temecula Valley Half Marathon, and the Vista Half Marathon to name a few. They did not cancel the London Bridge Half Marathon, yet, and are actually still accepting registrations at this time.

I am still waiting on refunds for the registration fees my husband and I paid for the SoCal race. I would strongly advise people to stay away from any events put on by this company. There’s no telling if they have any intentions of refunding anyone their registration fees and they my abruptly cancel the race you signed up for, leaving you in a lurch.