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Review of Ragnar Relay: Huntington Beach to San Diego by Thanh Quan

Posted by: on April, 22 2012

The overall experience of running Ragnar was amazing. My team ran our hearts out with the intention of placing in the top 3. It was unfortunate that we lost our runner at the 2nd to the last final leg. The course had no marking at a critical junction and I heard that over 70 runners were lost at that juncture. With those kind of numbers, I have to fault the race organizers. Just that one snafu negated over 20 hrs of hard work and sleep deprivation by our runners.

Regarding pre-race, I found it really odd that Krispy Kreme was present at Exchange 6 handing out boxes of donuts. I was not surprised that most teams passed up their tent. I love their donuts but I’m not going to ruin my training right before the race. With the entry fees per team being over $1200, you would think that small items like hand off batons would be well stocked for each team. There were teams running without batons and were slapping hands at the exchange point. Other teams were shorted other racing supplies as well. When we finished, we were given an inadequate number of shirts and had to go back to them to resolve the issue. I have to say this is the most stingy race I’ve participated in.