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Review of Peters Canyon Trail Series #1 by fastrunner

Posted by: on February, 28 2012

This is a fun race but pretty large for a trail race. There are a lot of good runners in this series so plenty of competition. Arrive plenty early. Parking is free but parking lots get progressively farther away. The starting area is a bit too cramped. It would be better if the start were more open. The trail begins with about a 10 foot wide path with wooden fence on either side, and it winds left to right, it’s hard to go even 4 people wide when running, so it can be difficult to get running room. After the first half mile, it’s not really a problem. The hills are very challenging. There are usually a bunch of hikers and bikes sharing the trails so you need to be on the alert. No medals or awards but shirts and a BBQ afterward. One note, if you do more than one race, all the shirts are the same from race to race, which is a bit annoying to have 3 of the same shirts at the end of the series. A different color each time or something would be nice.