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Review of PCRF Reaching For The Cure Half Marathon by

Posted by: on August, 26 2013

This is an outstanding half marathon (with other distances available) that is nearly pancake flat and perfect for a PR. A great compliment to the bike tour that they put on.

Pre race festival – like the bike tour – was outstanding. Lots of stuff to see and do before you start racing.

Course is nearly flat all the way through and well stocked with aid stations every few miles (I think there were 4 on the half marathon – but maybe more). Great course for a PR or for your first half marathon.

Lots of stuff to do and lots of goodies to be had from vendors all over the place. You know a post race is good when your family who comes to watch you race doesnt complain afterwards!

PCRF puts on a great bunch of races and is outstanding – I’ll definitely be back next year.