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Review of Pasadena Marathon by rgagne

Posted by: on May, 21 2012

A rather underwhelming event compared with previous 69 marathons. Registration was easy. Good location for the packet pickup but very few vendors for venue and number of race participants. The map of the start/finish area was too small and contained very little logistics information. Many waited in line at the porta-potties without knowing where others were located. The VIP tent was located on top of the sidewalk and forced participants to walk on the wet grass. Minor details but annoying. I could tell announcements were being made but couldn’t hear, apparently not enough speakers. Marathon/half marathon start lineup was disorganized — should have been pace placards and someone letting participants know they could use both sides of the street. Nice singer for the National Anthem. The first half of the course was very nice with the historic sites and shady streets. The first water stop was unprepared, hopefully they learned how to hand out water cups by the time the other races came by their table. The course/fluids went downhill by the time marathoners got to about mile 12 where they had run out of water cups. Most water stops after this point had few if any cups. Volunteers did the best they could with the lack of cups, but not having something as basic as cups in excusable. Fortunately I haven’t heard of any major medical issues given the very hot temperatures. The course is in the sun the last 8 miles of the marathon. Very few spectators along the route, not sure why? Very limited selection of post race food. The water spray at the finish was nice, walked through that several times.