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Review of Pasadena Marathon by

Posted by: on August, 22 2013

Very poorly organized and over-priced. The race happened to be during a heat wave, which is not their fault, but they sent out an email the day before promising extra water and ice along the course. There was no ice and no sports drink, only hot water sitting out in the sun. I heard from people who finished later that they even ran out of water at some of the stations, which is unacceptable and dangerous in the brutal heat. There was also nothing at the finish line but water (probably because the finishers’ area wasn’t blocked off, and spectators and random people walking by could help themselves to food and drinks). I finished the half in about 2:15, and they were already out of medals. They said they would mail them in 4-6 weeks. Two months later, I still haven’t gotten it. I don’t really care about the medal, but I’d like to know where my $110 registration fee went.