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Review of Pacific Coast Triathlon by jsteen00

Posted by: on May, 25 2012

This is a great local sprint. I don’t know how the course could be any better. If I were really picky, I’d say I’d prefer the bike course to be one longer loop.

The ocean swim is in a nice cove, and the waves are usually minimal. If you’ve never swam through kelp, it may be a new experience for you.

The run up to T1 is a steep, asphalt trail, and it’s usually lined with spectators. Some people had shoes or sandals set out at the bottom.

The bike is great. It’s a two loop course along PCH, which is closed to traffic for this race. There’s never any long flat sections, mostly rollers.

The run course is a scenic trail along the coast. Depending on the conditions of the trails, part of the course has actually been along the sand in past years.

Occasionally, there will be pros and former pros racing here too.

As far as the course goes, this is one of my favorite short races.
The downer with this race is the parking and logistics. Because of limited parking, you need to park 1-2 miles away and bike in. There is a carpool lot, but it closes early.