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Review of Orangeman Half Ironman Triathlon by Shane Galitski

Posted by: on September, 24 2012

I will first stipulate that I participated in this event as a relay. So with that said it could easily be said that this race is NOT geared toward teams of a relay. As no fault to the volunteers (who in generally where greatly appreciated by myself and my team are very thankful for their support during the different events) could not answer specific questions, pre-race and in transitions. They also did not know who to direct us to go try and get answers.

The course:
Swim – was not bad although could have had more defined buoy turn points. Great amount of respect and thanks to the lifeguards and other in the water.

Bike ride – was probably the best controlled for safety and support – granted the first half uphill the heat had to be the biggest challenge, but having the open road of Ortega was an extreme ride.

Run – was probably the worst route I have run so far. Not only do you run “at they stated 7/10 of a mile” on soft sand near the start of the race you finish the last half mile or so on this same sand. So much for kicking it up in speed to finish strong, this just kills the knees and hips. Also the “Three” loops on PCH asphalt were very draining and only increased the radiant heat with the entire runners going back and forth.

Post-race- Again I will thank all the volunteers for their support, but when I finished the run and got my medal – No one in the area knew what was supposed to happen for my teammates in the relay. I eventually just grabbed to more medals for them. So this is more poor communication on the race directors and those that put on the race.

In the end, I don’t believe I will, nor my race partners will participate in this or any other Go Forward Racing event – until I hear and or see improvements.