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Review of Orangeman Half Ironman Triathlon by giarcanderson

Posted by: on December, 27 2011

Loved the race last year. They had some issues since it was the first year, but overall it was good.

They put this together pretty fast. So, not a big turn out of vendorws at the pre-registration. I always like to see the newest stuff and get a bargin.

The swim was good except for putting the girls out front and a lack of boueys. We kind of swam over the girls. I did like seeing them during the bike ride though. So, there were benifits to having the girls go first.

The bike ride up and down Ortega was awesome. Could not ask for a better ride! I would do this event just for the ride. The canyon is so quiet you forget you are in Orange County.

The run was quite difficult. It was on an up and down a path. I have never seen so many ups and downs. It was killer.

Overall it was a great course, but I love a challenge.

Evidently, there was post race pizza. I was not directed to it. So, I missed out. Everytime I looked around there was someone with pizza. Bummer! I wanted some…

So here is the bad news: I was hoping to do the course again and make it a reagular event. However, they have decided to swim at Doheny this year. Doheny is a really filthy, gross beach. I do not like getting sick. I will pass this year, but look forward to seeing if they change the swim location in future years.