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Review of Orange County International Triathlon by me tri

Posted by: on December, 23 2011

I graded this race a “B” but it’s a high B+ or A-. Race is well organized especially with all that’s going on. They run the duathlon at the same time as the Tri. Before the race park across the street at the regional park. It’s a short walk across the street. Like the lake swim and it’s marked well. As long as you know how to swim straight…! But there are plenty of things to site as you go(boats, houses, lifeguards). When you set up T1 make sure your bike is in an easy gear. You start the bike on a very short steep hill. From there there’s a lot of climbing, then straight away with some wind(always through there), another climb then downhill to T2. Easy run unitl climb at end. Finish line is at start point with a good number of people around and support. Only negatives…maybe a few more aid stations on the run and you have to set up T2 the day before. But good race, good people.