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Review of Orange County International Triathlon by

Posted by: on May, 30 2013

I was very disappointed with this tri. for starters at $185 it is priced as a half although it is an Olympic distance race. they also don’t have race day packet pickup, unless you’re willing to pay an additional $25 for the “privilege”.

the race is also poorly managed and highly disorganized. the street closures made parking confusing and there were no race volunteers/employees to direct traffic. we parked in an unmarked lot and were lucky enough to be next to another participant who competed the race the previous year, and who was able to direct us to the race start.

the transition area only had 7-9 port-o-lets that i saw for all the participants and bathroom lines were LONG. also, the bike racks looked like they had been purchased from a second hand store.

the swim course was pretty nice. it was a freshwater lake with buoys that mapped the course. the organizers warned of bacteria in the water that could cause rashes, but i didn’t notice nor hear of anyone getting a rash.

the bike course was tough with a few rollers and some hills. at the end of the course it narrowed onto a bike/running path. the finish was poorly planned as the finish line came directly after a blind curve, making the bike dismount tricky.

the run picks up where the bike ends. since the bike finish is at a different location than the bike start, make sure to drop off your shoes so that they can be brought to the bike finish, otherwise you won’t get to finish the race.

post race had very little free samples / food. since the race was staffed by volunteers and it is one of the most expensive in all of so. cal., i don’t know how there could be so little food/swag. there’s a lot to improve on in this race; as it stands now this race is below average, which is why i give it a C.