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Review of Ojai 2 Ocean Marathon, Half Marathon by s106300

Posted by: on June, 5 2012

Great route for the half marathon – essentially all downhill on a meandering bike path. Sometimes a little narrow with runner’s bunching up and not letting faster runners by on the left – a bit more “pre-race” guidance could help with that. Shuttle service for the half was a little lumpy – many of us waited over 30 minutes to get on a bus despite preassigned shuttle times. Would have appreciated more volunteer support in directing people to shuttles and keeping order based on first arrival/first on bus.

“Gear check” was funny – everyone had to pile their stuff on the ground. Would be better if the truck was already there to deposit gear upon. Plenty of porta-potties before race – much appreciated!

Loved the post race support – plenty of food and water. Would suggest moving some food outside of the immediate finish area so runners have time to catch their breath and then eat. Medals were interesting by pretty crude and most people I talked to were not that happy with them. Also, a solar blanket would have been great as everyone got pretty cold by the end of the race with the constant misting.

Great weather for a run and the “bumps” in the event were not significant. I will definitely comeback, probably for the marathon next year!