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Review of OC Marathon, Half Marathon, Wahoos 5K by frazledmom5

Posted by: on May, 6 2012

My review is for the FULL Marathon. Pre race was great! Smooth shuttle ride to the start, a big shout out to the hotel for offering a place to wait and REAL bathrooms. The one downside was the full started 15 minutes late, and the porta potties were too far from corral A so many people had to make a quick pit stop in the bushes. Although there were plenty at the start and near the shuttle buses in the morning.

Course support was EXCELLENT. Plenty of water stops staffed with friendly volunteers.

Second half of course scenic wise was a little dull.

Post race was a DISASTER. Finishing area was way too crowded. I finished in 3:14 only to find out the cold Gatorade went to the half marathoners. I ended up with a warm bottle of water and a bruised banana… seriously? Didn’t my marathon enrty entitle me to a Gatorade too?

After not being able to find anything on the race website regarding an awards ceremony, i asked several staff members if awards would be given out but couldn’t get an answer. The employee working the result computers finally told me NO…so, for the 2nd year in a row, after winning my AG and last year winning the Masters and this year winning AG and placing 2nd in Masters I went home EMPTY HANDED! This is the only race where I have placed and not received a medal, ect….

Last year, after emailing the organizers I eventually I received a check for the masters win only after arguing when I was told I didn’t win even though the posted results showed I did.

Post race both Surf City and Long Beach are better organized and long Beach is a much bigger event. (they manage to give awards out too)

Will I participate again? Probably not, getting burned twice….