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Review of OC Marathon, Half Marathon, Wahoos 5K by Daniel Margolis

Posted by: on May, 7 2012

The pre-race was fantastic. I usually dislike the logistics of point-to-point races because of the shuttles, but here, there was little to no line for parking, plenty of busses and a short ride, getting to the start with plenty of time. There were plenty of lavatories, with relatively short waits. The only problem was that the race started 15 minutes late, but that’s minor. The 5:45 start was great because it didn’t get hot and we didn’t have to worry about sunscreen.

The course was varied, having views of the ocean, ecological reserve, residential, commercial, the performing arts center, various parks, two upscale shopping malls, and a high school. Not boring at all. Not as flat as the website would have you believe, however. There were lots of small hills. Also, there were lots of turns, potentially increasing the distance for runners who ignore the tangents. The spectators were sparse, but very supportive. The aid stations were great. Lots of volunteers. Some of the mile markers were off. I was at 13.1 by mile 13, but at 16, I was only at 15.9 and by 18, I was exactly on, finishing at 26.27. The Garmin may have been inaccurate because of some long underpasses.

The post-race was not as good. At the finish line, you get water, but no recovery drink and a small bag of food. Usually you get more. The traffic out of the parking lot was really bad. I think because the race course was blocking most of the exits.

Overall, this was a really good experience. I would definitely do it again next year.