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Review of OC Marathon, Half Marathon, Wahoos 5K by

Posted by: on January, 10 2014

My very first ½ Marathon! Woo! And I got hooked into that darn Beach Cities Challenge.

Packet Pickup: A whole lot bigger than I had ever been used to. I was told by friends that in years past it had been even bigger, but it didn’t disappoint me.

Race: Was definitely a ½ marathon. The course was generally pretty flat with one *beep* of a hill around mile 9-10. It isn’t that long, but if you weren’t tired by then, you were definitely feeling the pain afterwards. Some nice views of Corona Del Mar, and Newport’s Back Bay.

Post Race: Was a little disappointing. Not much to mention.

Medal was nice, t-shirts were nice.

3 improvements needed: They ran out of GU-gel for the slower people. Thankfully I had packed (in my bra) for a small army. But you could tell some people were really struggling who counted on the GU-gel being there. For the people doing the marathon, they ran out of those tin foil blankets. The parking situation leaving was a disaster. We had to wait till the marathon was almost over to get out because the course ran right by the OC Fair grounds exit.

1 not-so-important improvement needed: Where was the tequila?!?!! It was Cinco de Mayo! Come on now!

Summary: Overall, I was pleased with the race. My time, not so much. :-/ There’s a great showing of watchers, volunteers, and well-wishers. This race happened not too far after the Boston Marathon bombing. People ran with supportive shirts, and faces of the victims. I cried. Lots of people cried. It was very moving.

If I liked running, I’d probably do this again. 😉