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Review of New Years Race by

Posted by: on April, 9 2013

In doing half marathons, this had all the classic signs of being an inaugural race! I do one about every two weeks and have about 18 under my belt and would not suggest (unless major changes are made) for anyone to do this!


Swag – cool sweatshirt and finishers medal
Race pick up was well put together, but navigating the maze to get there in DTLA was a bit much


Started over a half hour late ~9:30 and being in a later corral I probably didn’t start till 10pm!
The finish line forced you to go out and around and walk an extra half mile just to get out of the area
Traffic was a joke – I sat on the exit ramp for well over an hour
Parking was ridiculous – if you could find it

The course was horrible – they should have called this race Tour de Dodgers Stadium Parking lots (no lighting, people getting hurt, almost all up-hill)

I know they are making changes for next year, but after going through this one time, I doubt I will give it a second chance.