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Review of New Years Race by zetroc969

Posted by: on January, 6 2013

First I was the first person at the Expo. Check-in was nice and easy, the sweat hoodie were very nice, but it was very small, vs other expo I have been to.The start time was to be at 9pm and it was late getting started, so it was pushing our finish time well after midnight. The weather did not help cause the temp was dropping to where we started in the high 40* – low 50* the course started off nice view of LA downtown, City hall… But after mile 2 you did not see any people on the course cheering you on, the next 5 mile was dead there not fun running in a parking lot. Then we enter to see Dodgers stadium and they are do major renovations to it big disappointment from the picture that been posted on the site. Mile 8,9 were mostly downhill the best part of that. The last 3 miles were ok, but at mile 11 a car almost ran the course and no police around to stop them, finish the race go my medal and my stuff and left, I will not be doing this race again unless major changes to the course ….